Deleting matomo-archive-output.log

I’m a newbie with Matomo. I can see a warning to delete matomo-archive-output.log, but that file is included in my CronJob. Can anyone explain if it’s safe to delete/rename that file?


Your crontab probably looks like this

5 * * * * www-data /usr/bin/php /path/to/matomo/console core:archive --url= > /home/example/matomo-archive.log

> /home/example/matomo-archive.log tells bash (or whatever shell is executing the command` to take the stdout (standard output) of the program and redirect it to this file. This means you can check the output of the last cronjob by looking at this file.

You can of course redirect the output anywhere or remove the redirect completly. But if you want to debug issues, having the output can be helpful.

cron is like this > /home/example/matomo-archive-output.log and looking at that file I see a few logs from one hour ago. But again, I have no clue what it means. I just find strange that the system tells me that file should be deleted, whereas it does something.
If it’s a helpful file, why isn’t the system build to not produce such warnings?


In case you are referring to the Matomo integrity check: It only checks the Matomo directory and you should not save this log into the Matomo directory as it is reachable from the internet and therefore people could access the file by guessing the URL.

so where do you suggest to move that file, without breaking the site (sorry, dummy questions I know)


Anywhere on your server where you would find it again in case you need it.

cool, as simple as that :slight_smile: