Deleting empty tables

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I’m new here, and have a question about deleting what seems to be empty tables. In February we started collecting data, and had some issues with missing reports. I ran the archive script to -10000 days, which generated
a whole lot of empty tables:

Is it safe to drop these tables or is there and index in Matomo, keeping track of them?

I executed “console core:delete-logs-data --dates=2008-01-01,2008-12-31”, but it didn’r remove any of the tables in question.

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If they are empty you can probably delete them. But I can’t promise that they won’t be regenerated.

Please also read Empty piwik_archive_blob_20xx_XX / piwik_archive_numeric_20xx_xx Tables

Thank you for the link! I’ve deleted all the tables and the system is still running :slight_smile:

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