Deleting code - statistics gone?

Hi, if I am deleting the Matomo code for tracking, are the past statistics gone? Or can I still see the statistics up to the point until I deleted the code?


If you remove the tracking code from the website it just doesn’t record any new data. As long as you don’t delete the website in Matomo the data stays as it is.

But as always you can’t do anything wrong with a backup.

Thank you, Lukas. Can you just give me a hint where I can generate a backup of my Matomo data? Can’t find any backup tool on my analytics page …


When you backup your config.ini.php and everything in your MySQL/MariaDB database (using the tools provided by your database), you can restore Matomo. (If you additionally store all other Matomo files, restoring will be easier as you don’t have to reinstall plugins, resetup geoip, etc.)

Great, thanks for your help!