Deleted Heatmaps after 6 months

I like to delete user’s data (heatmap plugin) which are 6 months old. Can be achieved this option using admin panel?

Hi @gd83caw1gd

When you use the default feature of Piwik to delete old log data, it should also automatically delete the old heatmap data:

See in this screenshot that the log_hsr table (containing heatmap data) is included in the log delete process

→ Would this work for you to use this feature which will delete all user data, or do you want to only delete heatmap data?


I worry if data are too extensive and MYSQL crashes or buffer or even take too much space.
Regularly delete old data? What is actually definition for this. I mean 3 months data, 6 months…

You can define how old you want to delete the data below the checkbox (it isn’t shown in the screenshot but this feature is available).

Note that it will delete all your RAW visitor data and actions including heatmap, so make sure you really want to delete your old RAW visitor data.

Thank you. You helped me a lot.