Delete Phantom Email Report


I upgraded Piwik from 1.4 to 1.6 and have a little issue. Piwik sends me a daily Email-Report, that was created for test-purposes and then deleted some time ago.

Last week I switched auto-archiving on and since then Piwik sends me the deleted daily report.

Which rows in which tables do I have to delete manually to remove this report in a proper way? Can someone help?

Best Regards, Rikky

Can you please update to 1.7 beta 8: 301 Moved Permanently

IF you still experience the “deleted report sent by email” bug with this version please post a reply and I will look into it!

Hi Matt,

I appreciate your answer very much. My “deleted report sent by email”-issue happens on our production-system. I can’t update this system to a beta-version. On our test-system the issue doesn’t occur.

Actually I’m not sure, if this is a bug in piwik or a hickup that happened during the upgrade process. The automatic update via browser ran into a timeout and I needed to complete the update manually on the command line. Maybe this caused some confusion with the email-reports.