Delete old archived logs but keep it available


I’ve been successfully using Piwik for almost 4 years now (from Sep. 2013 to be exact) and it’s been great. It has been running in a VMware Linux guest with 4GB of RAM in our premices. The “problem” I’m facing now is the growing database size. Its database is now more than 1GB and deleting old visitor logs does not really help. What I want to do is keep online the last 2 years of archived logs, and also keep the older archived logs somewhere so that in case they are needed, I will be able to read these older archived logs and display it. I know there’s a setting to delete old archived logs, but I also want to keep available this old information. I undestand that this procedure might involve manual interaction and I’m ready to do it. So, what are my options?

Some might probably think that the database size of 1GB is just not worth mentioning or doing anything about it, but I’ve got limits on this specific server and I need some options.

Thanks in advance,