Delayed Keyword-Link Error at Keyword List


I have this error since about version 0.6.

After waiting some second the links at the keyword list are wrong.

In other words:
I load the dashboard with the keyword list. After clicking one keyword I get the respective link beneath. This is great to check how good is my website for this keyword (suggestion for the future, show the keyword position for google direct in the chart).

The bug comes after waiting a short time (about 10 seconds). After that I get links for different keywords. Just as shown in the attached picture.

Is it possible to solve this?


Known bug: Make Sub table always loads data for the right row when date=Today · Issue #1024 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I know that we already posted this bug. But I did not found any search possibility and the next thing ist:

Opened 20 months ago
Last modified 5 months ago

Do you see a chance to fix it one day?

yes, there’s a good chance we’ll fix it one day.

Would be so nice because it is really a bit annoying…