Default value in lookup tables doesn't work

So I’ve created a SiteID lookup table based on the host name variable. However the default value isn’t used and I’m getting lots of tracking errors. Problem is I got multiple test environments and they should all just dump into a dev-matomo-site/property while the real site should send data to another matomo-site/property. So default should be the dev id and then if the live site sends data it should send it to another id. However it works whenever the real site is used but the dev sites don’t get any data.

Any chance we could get a fix so the default value actually works?

Or am I not understanding this text:
“You can configure a default value which will be used if the variable does not return a value. Please note an empty string (‘’) is considered to be a value and will not fall back to the default value, configure a lookup value for this case if needed. Also note that the default value will be applied before the lookup table is evaluated.”

Is the author here telling me that only if the host name variable doesn’t have a value at all vill the default value be used? So I’ll need to actually write my own fallback solution?

Hi @Feldon
Can you describe how you track?
Also share tracking codes and other tracking configuration…?