DB growing up over quota as soon upadated to 1.11.1:S


I’ve updated to 1.11.1 yesterday evening and my DB has been locked by hosts (sahred, sql quoto 40Mo) since the DB has grown up to 76Mo this night!

It was only a piwik concern. This server is running since 2006 and used all phpmv2, then piwik version… with no real issues.

Now I just can access to anything (selct only) . So I empty a large part of the archives table and get again access to Piwik admin.
There I setup to empty logs and history and keep only 11months.

This is better but in phpmyadmin , refreshing the db view (every 2 seconds) I can see the size growing otsefl again. this site is not very loaded (50 visit/day max).

What Can I do !!?

Thank you

What quota do you have on your database?

it was 40MB.

And it lives this this 2006 with all phpmv, then piwik DB.

It’s only since this night after 1.1.1 update that issues occured when the DB suddendly grew up to 76.5MB (!!)

However we have upgraded the hosting plan. But this not the solution. I have other server in the same ovh plan and I need to know why such a DB MB voracity.

[li] You can activate the DBStats plugin in Piwik. It will show you which tables use up your database the most.
[/li][li] 40MB? That is a pretty bad hosting plan if they set the quota to only this. Piwik will easily outscale this limit.

Well, 40MB is probably a low number considering today’s plan.However, as I told you this was perfectly fiiting the needs since 2006.
The cms tables (modx) is only 980Ko …
Now we have a 400MB quota.

But I actually need to understand why this brutal DB consumption grow up since this very last update.
and also why now when I change the period in the dashboard (last day to week) the graphic for last visits and synthesis took may be 40sec to display.

Choosing month… no widget get data or it’s erratic

Thank you

If the dashboard takes to long to load please set up Cron Archiving: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

A CMS only stores text data. Piwik is not a cms. It stores data for every visit and page view your website gets. This data is then processed and archived. The latest update to 1.11.1 did not change any archiving and the DB size should not have grown dramatically.