Db connection over SSL


I am looking at deploying Piwik into AWS in a Kubernetes cluster backed by an RDS datasource. SInce the titles of pages may contain sensitive information, it is important that the transport between Piwik and the DB is secured. I can’t see a way of configuring SSL DB connections in Piwik. Is it possible to add it?

I found this pull request #8049 to add the feature, but it has been closed without being merged

What would be the best way to get it re-opened. My organisation is willing to invest some time and developer resource to get the feature added.


If you know PHP you could probably implement this yourself fairly easily. It looks like the mysqli connection is done in the file:


It looks like it’s just a matter of adding mysqli_ssl_set before the call to mysqli_real_connect.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve just raise a pull request including the changes from pull request #8049 to implement this feature (which stalled before getting merged).

Please test this pull request and report feedback as a comment on the PR: Mysql SSL connection support from pull request #8049 by gwaggott · Pull Request #10866 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub