Day, Week, Month, Year ? lookback, is this good?

(aotto1968) #1


the current lookback period is not flexible enough

I expect to have the following items:

  1. last 24 hours
  2. last 7 days
  3. last 30 days
  4. last 365 days

you don’t have to align to a day/week/month border

Following problem.

If you update your web on FRIDAY parts of traffic will be on
the CURRENT week and part of the traffic will be on the NEXT week

the same belongs to day and month too

using a lookback period always fix this problem

on TUESDAY you set the lookback to “last 7 days” and the
whole traffic from FRIDAY up to TUESDAY is included

if addition the TIMEZONE problem disappears too.
-> who decide then a DAY or a WEEK start?


Andreas Otto

(Vishal) #2

Hi Andreas,

This does sound like a good feature, why not open up a ticket at trac with the request.

(dohtor) #3

I would add once more:

  1. last 24 hours
  2. last 7 days
  3. last 30 days
  4. last quarter
  5. last 365 days


I know this is an old post but I wanted to offer a +1 for this feature. It looks like the current “week” time period is literally the current calendar week, and it would be better in my opinion if it were the PAST 7 DAYS. Same think with the today period… perhaps it could be the last 24 hours on a rolling basis rather than the current date (or offer both “today” and “24 hours” as options).

Most of the data in the widgets needs a little bit of data to be very useful, so currently, the first few hours of the day are not very useful for reports while the visits are filling in.

You also might want to offer an almost real-time period of perhaps the last 3 hours so that the widgets on the dashboard are giving you a much better feel for what is currently hot on your site, along with trends that may be emerging while you still have time to help fuel them.