Date report/grouping fixes/issues with 1.1 beta 3

(burlysac) #1

This is followup to thread 301 Moved Permanently which discussed time zone related issues. One was that stats weren’t showing for week/month/year, after a certain time of day. The other was that stats were time shifted inappropriately dependent on site time zone selected.

Previous fix (in thread linked above) resolved issue where stats weren’t showing for week/month/year.

The remaining issue was stats time shifted inappropriately, dependent on site time zone selected. A new 1.1 beta 3 includes a fix intended to resolve this issue.

So, I installed 1.1 beta 3 per instructions on thread linked above.

Here are some observations:

  • my site set to UTC -7

  • my local server is in UTC -5 timezone

  • grouping by week/month/year continues to work (but i have to double check it still groups after 1700 hrs my time (it is now 1000 hrs) eg past the UTC -7 timeshift but assume it will work as that was fixed previously)

  • i had three visits on a site today which are listed below with their visit log times and dates, and the local server time and date from database visit_log table. Count of sites for Dec 21 = 2

Visit 1: Tue 21 Dec - 09:56:34
visitor_local_time 09:56:35
visitor_server_date 2010-12-21

Visit 2: Tue 21 Dec - 04:02:55
visitor_local_time 11:02:55
visitor_server_date 2010-12-21

Visit 2: Mon 20 Dec - 17:05:5
visitor_local_time 16:05:48
visitor_server_date 2010-12-21

Site set to UTC 0: here are same times with UTC set to 0. Count of sites for Dec 21 = 3
Visit 1: Tue 21 Dec - 16:56:34
Visit 2: Tue 21 Dec - 11:02:55
Visit 3: Tue 21 Dec - 00:05:51

Piwik is shifting reported local server time/date by the sites selected UTC +/- (in my case subtracting 7 hours as i have selected UTC -7 time zone), and then grouping visits accordingly.

visitor_local_time = time on visitor’s computer or my host server?
visitor_server_date = date on my host server

This is working as intended … Piwik guys do you agree?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

visitor_local_time is the time on the visitor browser, in this case we are interested by visit_last_action_time

please let us know if you have a concern that visits are not grouped correctly