Date range YYYY-MM-DD,today giving weird results

Hi there,

We recently rolled out a successful piwik implementation and are providing users some minimal ability to adjust date ranges for their results. I have noticed that the date range has not been working as expected. For example, the following two ranges return drastically different results:

2014-07-23,2014-07-23 (1609 page views)
2014-07-23,today (8279 page views)

2014-07-23 is today’s date in both my time zone and the time zone the piwik server is configured to use (UTC). We are running piwik 2.4.0.

Can anyone shed some light on this? It appears that the range with the today keyword is actually bringing in results from yesterday in as well, based on the page hit breakdown. We are making the adjustment to use explicit dates in our range construction but it would be good to know the reason for this behavior.

Ben VonDerHaar

can you try again with piwik 2.4.1 whether this bug still occurs?