Date range very slow after upgrade 2.16.1


after upgrading piwik from 2.16 to 2.16.1 when i want to check stats from the “Date range” this is very very very very slow, even when i am choosing the same day (from 11/04/2016 to 11/04/2016).
The problem is i don’t have error neither in mysql or nginx and when i check stats from “day” or “month” even “year” it is very fast.
I have two piwik and the problem is on my high traffic website not on the low one.

I am the only one with this bug ?


Hi there,

We haven’t yet heard of a similar issue in 2.16.1 - in fact we should have improved performance a bit in 2.16.1.

Could you maybe create a bug report @ Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub ?