Date range: today

Hi Friends,
Ever since I installed Piwik (several months ago) it’s been displaying stats and info for “today” on the dashboard. So for example, just before midnight, I reach the largest number of visitors for that day. Just after midnight, the Visits Over Time widget curve goes down to zero, and all the others display “no data for this report” until another visitor happens by.

The other day, I was away from my computer for a couple of days, and when I came back, I wanted to look at the stats for the 2nd day I was away (i.e. "yesterday’') . So I clicked the Date Range button to change it to the day before whatever day it was. After I finished, I re-selected that day’s date. And I thought everything was back to normal.

But ever since then, when it’s just after midnight, it never rolls over by itself to the new day. It just keeps displaying everything (except the Real Time widget) as if it was 23:59 yesterday, until I open Date Range and click today’s date.

I was just searching for help in the online documentation, and I found this, under FAQ# 72 - How do I specify the date used by default in Piwik reports?

By default, Piwik will load reports for “yesterday”.

So I’m a little confused. If it’s supposed to always show yesterday’s stats, why was it displaying today’s stats for me, for several months…well actually, it’s been almost a year. Or am I confused about the meaning of “Piwik reports”? Are “reports” something different from what I see in the widgets?

My main question, is how do I get all the widgets on the dashboard to roll over at midnight, like it used to?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

in your User Settings, try change the default period to “Today” -> does it solve the problem?