Date range control and Dashboard widgets

Hi all,

To this date, the date range control on the dashboard is limiting in that it does not take the current system time into account. This means that if you open your Piwik dashboard page on a specific date, the calendar control on the page does not extend its range to include the current date. You can however use your keyboard to enter a new date and when you do, the whole page reloads. And the whole page reloading bugs me. Not so much because if feels sooo 1996 but because it makes me lose older entries in the “Visitors in Real-Time”.

I believe that a better use could be made of the Reload button in widgets like “Visits Over Time”.

I suggest the Reload button (on each widget) be set to adjust/update automatically the data range. That way, the “last 30 days” interpretation setting actually refers to the real last 30 days and not what is by then an obsolete date range. I understand however that this may lead to some inconsistency as different widgets display data that refer to different date ranges. Hence my alternate suggestion below.

Alternatively, changes to the date range control could just cause all [pertinent/affected] widgets on the page to reload individually instead of reloading the whole page! Event broadcasting comes to mind.