Database usage

Of course such a statistics and analytics tool creates huge database tables. Are there any ideas how to reduce this in the future?

I mean, when a page has 1.000s or even 10.000s of unique visitors per day, the database grows rapidly up to Gigabyte sizes after one year. Is there a way or plugins/tool, to avoid this? i.e. convert into data files with static data per month or half year. Or just keep only last half year or year in the db?

There are tickets in Trac to prune the tables and optimize the archive tables. Any other ideas?

The feature of automatically deleting old older than 7/30/N days is now available in Piwik, under Settings > Privacy > Delete old logs from the database.

This is available in the latest 1.5 RC release, check it out now and report if you have suggestions, directly in this post: 301 Moved Permanently