Database upgrade problem

I saw that Matomo sent an email about an upgrade a few weeks ago, but didn’t double check. I think I clicked to upgrade but didn’t visit the site to finish the database upgrade, and it seems it languished in ‘Database needs upgrading hell’ since then - and I’ve seemingly lost 2-3 weeks of logs.

Or have I?

Sadly I rotate the logs for the sites every 7 days, and had delete old logs in Matomo set to 7 as well (both those are set to longer now)

Oddly when I try to reprocess the existing nginx logs it doesn’t seem to add the data, and says it’s been ‘already processed’ - how can it when the database seems to have halted, there is no visitor data from the 10th.

But as I’ve tried to reprocess the logs via console, surely it SHOULD at least have the last 7 days? But they aren’t showing?

Actually I was being a dolt, I hadn’t imported the old logs. Completely forgotten that they were two separate things - reprocessing Matomo’s logs and importing them. Hope I haven’t nuked anything with a force reprocess.

But surely, as I had those going as a cron before every day, what happened to the old ones when the database wasn’t upgraded - were they stored anywhere? I’m guessing I’m SOL and they are gone, but it would’ve been nice for Matomo not to just stop working like that. :frowning:

Also it would be nice as I have Matomo automatically upgrade everything at once? I’ll be careful of clicking upgrade in future :frowning: