Database to test

hi everyone.
I have just used piwik, and installed it on localhost. So i don’t have database to see how it work. Some one can share database for me to test.
Thanks so much

Why don´t you set up a database on your localhost?

I guess he means that on his localhost he won’t have any visits, thus he won’t have any data to test Piwik and see how it works. But this is just a rough guess.

that’s true. Because i’ve installed in localhost so there is no visits much. So i can’t test i true. I try to understand the way data is to be archived.

i have a question :

  1. I read this help of the Main sequence diagram. So when the ViewDataTable is inited the $apiMethodToRequestDataTable how to it get data from database. How it request Method api.
  2. there is to type of archived data : blob, int. If i want get data from about getVisitInformationPerServerTime. How to it get.

Please share database to me. I need it to test my plugin. I have to report it in this week.