Database column missing during install

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I download the Piwik 0.5.4 about 2-3 weeks ago and installed it on my server. The install went fairly well just following the directions. The only oddity that I noticed was a very late notice about directory permissions, but there was a recommended solution. This did work and the install completed.

Then I added an additional website. I then copied the recommended java code to the primary website for testing. I did not see any errors on my website and tried various things I saw on the forum.

  • Disabled javascripst in IE to confirm red X appears.
  • Checked [url=""] but it was already there
  • Confirmed that I was not getting any data into the *_log_visit table, but there was data in the *_log_action table.

Finally I checked the apache error log for the website and found that it was generating an error. Error was for Mysql related to a missing column ‘location_provider’ in table ‘*_log_visit’. File was ‘core/Tracker/Db/Pdo/Mysql.php’ line 178. After checking in the database I confirmed that the column did not exist. I just added it with as a text field. Now I seem to be tracking data.

Just wanted to report this, so that someone can check the install for adding that column.

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Thanks. We’ll throw an error here if the Provider plugin isn’t installed correctly.