Data not being tracked after setup


It’s been over a week since I setup Piwik on my server and no stats have been tracked…not even my own visits (I haven’t set the cookie to exclude myself).

I’ve run the diagnostics tool and everything is ticked except for two items:

[i]Database abilities - LOAD DATA INFILE
Using LOAD DATA INFILE will greatly speed Piwik’s archiving process up. To make it available to Piwik, try updating your PHP & MySQL software and make sure your database user has the FILE privilege.
If your Piwik server tracks high traffic websites (eg. > 100,000 pages per month), we recommend to try fix this problem.

Geolocation - Geolocation works, but you are not using one of the recommended providers. If you have to import log files or do something else that requires setting IP addresses, use the PECL GeoIP implementation (recommended) or the PHP GeoIP implementation.[/i]

From what I understand, these two options won’t affect the tracking of visitors. I’ve also made sure the tracking code is on every page of my website.

Can anyone tell me why data isn’t being tracked?