Ok - my first post, and after this I’m going to die of embarrassment!
I know I am being unbelievably dense - but honest, I’ve been searching forums and googling for the last 24 hours… nobody seems to be asking this question so I’m obviously missing something blindingly obvious and this is my final resort… i’m just gonna have to take the custard pie in the face.

I have a standard CSS/HTML website - I’ve gone through the welcome screen, successfully installed piwik onto the site, and added the required code to each of the website pages.

And I’ve created my Super User, so…
Where do i go to actually access the piwik dashboard?

All instructions seem to assume this is blindingly obvious, and i’m guessing it must be,
but i have a total blind spot to it.

Any pointers and minimal flaming would be appreciated :slight_smile:

My guess for location would be: myurl/piwik/index.php
when i go there though i get the Installation Screen
Does this mean my Installation hasn’t worked after all?

Ok - resolved my problem…
I’d inserted the javascript code before the instead of before
Seems to be working ok now…