Dashboard widgets empty after change of SSH protocol

I had my host switching to HTTP/2 and all was fine, but then I had them enable Protocol 2 and now Matomo is not loading any of the widets/pages. Initially I had many red alerts but after repairing/optimizing the database now the dashboards are just empty. I even get 403-forbidden errors if I click on some menu links.
I don’t know if the Protocol is responsible. What can I do?

Have a look (and share) at your browser’s JavaScript console and Network console…

I was about to update my own thread. The problem was caused by the Mod_evasive Apache module. As soon as we disabled it all Matomo resurrected.
I don’t know if this is a bug or if Matomo needs to be re-configured when modules are enabled/disabled, so I would suggest a tutorial/post about the subject.

Or maybe the source of the problem is Mod_evasive of Apache is misconfigured, and then Apache don’t transfer the request to PHP…?
For the update of the documentation, don’t hesitate to post a feature request at: