Dashboard Widget Customization

I am a HUGE Piwik fan and very thankful to have an Open Source product like this to use. It has helped us tremendously as we analyze our internal support site and how it’s getting used.

With that said I do have an idea, and I did a quick glance but didn’t see this one. It would be great to have more control over the dashboard widgets. When you click on “Display a table with more metrics” I would like to have some control over WHICH metrics are displayed. The Simple view shows some while the “display more” shows others and in some cases, what I’m looking for is a combination of the two.

To be more specific, I have the IntranetSubNetwork plugin installed (wonderful addition by the way). The Simple table view gives me percentages and unique visits, but what I’d like to see is Total Visits, Total Actions, and Percentages.

I know this may be unique to my situation, but I think the idea has application to most if not all Piwik Admins out there. The ability to pick which metrics show in the widgets on our dashboards.

Thanks for considering :slight_smile: