Dashboard and content doesn't show after login


on some of our computers the Piwik (3.0.4) interface doesn’t open completely. After the successful login there is just the grey header with navigation points, the menu on the left as well as the main content are just blank. On my computer and on our phones is it possible to open the pages completely, but on two computers it’s not working - on all devices we login with the latest firefox, even with Edge it’s the same problem on these computers.

We have checked Add-Ins etc.but there is nothing what could block the pages loading completely. Even the source code of the dashboard etc. is loaded completey but just doesn’t show?

Thanks, Matt


First check again if there is no adblocker active on the piwik interface. Most of the time this solves the error.

Otherwise open the developer tools of you browsers and check if there are any failed (red) request requests in the network tab or any errors in the console.