Daily mail report

Why am I unable to receive daily report from Matomo even after I set my settings for the same? I am currently using 3.2.0


Does it work when you send the report manually via Send Report now?

BTW: You should really update to the latest Matomo version for bugfixes, security updates and many new features.

Yes, it does work manually.

But I want the daily reports to be sent automatically everyday, for the assigned E mail addresses. Please guide me on how this can be done.

I have the same issue, any fix for this? Using cPanel and extern cron job request once a day…

Hi @PavanVishwanath and @hellupdesk,

Thanks to Email Reports will not be sent I had an idea why it is not working for you:

When Matomo is called via cron, most of the time a different php.ini file is used (the one for php-cli) than when when PHP is accessed from a webserver. So I guess the issue is that while the normal php.ini is configured correctly (and you can therefore send an email manually), the php.ini that is read by php-cli is incorrect and therefore sending emails doesn’t work there.