Cut timeout in content impressions

I’m trying to track some content with Matomo’s tracking-client.

After initializing the client my snippet is like this:

window.matomoAsyncInit = function () {
	try {
		var contentTracker = Matomo.getTracker('$trackingHost', '$siteId');

		contentTracker.trackContentImpression('123456', 'piece');
		contentTracker.trackEvent('debug-event', 'debug-event-action', 'debug-event-name', 'debug-event-value');
	} catch( err ) {}

The request for event is sent immediately but the content impression is delayed by round about 3 seconds.
Is there a way to shorten this timeout?

Ok. Found it by myself:
The delay can be shorten by setting setRequestQueueInterval.
To prevend loss of impressions, delayed request will be done before unload.