CustomVariables + Provider need Piwik <4.0.0-b1

while trying to update Matomo-3.14.1 to -4.1.0 a hint about deactivation of two plugins (CustomVariables + Provider) has been presented.

So if updating to 4.1.0, especially Provider (the ISP) isn’t shown anymore?
Any way to solve this issue?

Thank and regards!


That message is maybe a bit confusing, but what it means is the following:
The version of those two plugins you have installed are not compatible with Matomo 4 and therefore have to be disabled during the update. But there are newer versions of the plugins that are compatible with Matomo 4 (and only Matomo 4) that will be automatically installed during the update, so you can use them just like before.

For those two specific plugins it is a bit more complex as Provider was a core plugin in Matomo 3, but is not included by default (only on the marketplace) in Matomo 4 and CustomVariables still works, but you should probably use custom dimensions instead: