Customizing piwik title Login page

Hello Piwik friends,

still using the old version 1.2 since 2011 and by customizing my current default Login page I am running into the following problem, as I like to change the text “# Free Web Analytics” to my liking.
Looking through \plugins\login\header.tpl I find the place holder {$linkTitle}. So far so good. My problem: where do i find the file which contains/listed those placeholders with it’s value.

If someone could direct me to the location, that would be awesome.

Thank you.

PS. what is the correct description/name for that ? {$linkTitle}


Please upgrade to latest Piwik!! your version has several security bugs and countless others bugs as well. Please upgrade :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

I know I should upgrade, but I can’t due to server & php issues. php5.2.17 is the last version which can be used with this server platform.


Nevermind. 24h later there is data in both segments. Somehow I though data was represented instantly in piwik, but apparently there is some delay.