Customize download report


Hi, Matt.

Is there any way to customize so that the download report display page title of the page where the download link is clicked.

For example, the link is in the page and the title of the page pdf.php is “Our Product Price list”

I would like the report to display “Our Product Price list” instead of “admin/pdf/295/pdffile.pdf”.

The purpose of this is in some case, it will be more understandable to show them the page title of the download file than the actual file name. Especially, when the download filename is some kind of scripting as timestamp, encrypted file name, etc. which are not understandable to the users.

Is there an option in Piwik to achieve that or at least could you please tell me which file or which function queries the download report. Then I shall look for the way to modify the query.

Thanks for your greate work.



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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

i think that for this, you may have to wait for this feature: Custom Events analytics, event tracking · Issue #472 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub