Customise Displayed Provider Metrics

First post here and a warning that I do not fully understand Piwik yet.

But the problem I have is something like this:

I have a single page widget displaying Providers. As ‘default’ I have checked the ‘display a table with more metrics’. The following columns currently exist: Provider, Visits, Unique Visits, Actions, Actions Per Visit, Avg. Time On Website, Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate.

For whatever reason I need to get rid of the ‘Conversion Rate’-column in this table. How do I do it?

I´ve looked at /plugins/provider but I have a hard time struggling how to restrict this table and even less being able to build a stand-alone plugin table.

I am very thankful for any kind of replies, may it be concrete solutions or pointing me towards something…

I love Piwik and I look forward to be a part of the community in the future. (:P)