CustomDimensions plugin supported with Matomo 4.0.0+

Looks like CustomDimensions support was dropped in 4+, and it caused our module that was built with a dependency to break. Your team plan on upgrading to support Matomo 4+?



The support wasn’t dropped, on the contrary: It is now a core plugin that is shipped with Matomo and therefore doesn’t need to be installed from the marketplace anymore.

Thanks Lukas, the upgrade prompt [IMO] is ambiguous.

The way I’m reading it is that CustomDimensions will be disabled, because it requires a Matomo version less than 4.0.


Yes this text is not perfect. It means that the plugins you have installed are not compatible with Matomo 4. But during the update it will also update the plugins to versions that are compatible with Matomo 4 (but not 3).