Custom Variables vs Visitor Log

The Custom Variables is working as desired. However, the Visitor Log is not correctly identifying that information. At one point, I thought it did but hasn’t for a very long time.

it shows the information on the left column for “Visit” scope variables, and on hover on each page (in the tooltip) for “page” scope

Correct. However, the hover is only showing the Custom Variable name, not the various values. Again it did for a few days but not in the past couple months.

Basically, in our ajax .net application I want to know what menu items are being clicked. It is the same page name but different controls loaded. I gave each menu (click) a unique Custom Variable called Activity. I can’t tell what the Visitor Log is showing. It will show 12x for the page but only one Activity (variable). Meanwhile, the custom variables report shows all 12 actual items.

The Visitors.Custom Variables report works but it groups everyone together. I want to see the visitor log in order of actions.

I just tested and custom variables display in the tooltip for page views.

Make sure you use latest beta Index of /