Custom variables value "0" being considered as undefined? (1.6 upgrade)

Hi all,

after upgrading to piwik 1.6 (coming from 1.5.1) everything seems to be working well, but apparently the custom variables whose value is “0” are displayed in the interface as “undefined”.
Can you please confirm this is an intended behavior? It is annoying for me, but as long as I know that it’s only a display issue I can live with that.


It is expected that “value = 0” result in “Value not defined” in the table, however I think this is a bug. Technically we should only set “value not defined” if the javascript value was not set at all (or empty string) but 0 is not an empty string.

Created a bug at: Custom Variable with value zero 0 should be reported as 0 and not as "value not defined" · Issue #2721 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I think I discovered something odd. Even though I am sure our site is only generating “1” and “0” as values, if I select “month” I see three values (two of which are “undefined”) as you see in the attached screenshot.

If I look at the different days, I only see two values (“1” and “undefined”).

Hope is only a bug in visualization, and not in the recording of data.

FYI I applied the patch for the “umlauts” you published yesterday.

Thanks a lot.


This is strange. What is the “XML” export for this report (click below to export)?

In neither case (day and month) there’s a mention of the custom variable. Even though I am viewing the page of a single goal I see several in the xml export. Am I doing something wrong?

I am going to the “user-defined variables” pane, then clicking on the variable name, then clicking on “export”->xml.

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It is normal that the export contains several goals, since there is only one export for all data.

Can you PM me the full XML export showing that there is 2 entries for “Value not defined” ?

Thanks matt!

I sent the XML via PM.
I’m attaching the screenshots for both daily and monthly views, as you see there’s no mention of the values for the variable in neither XMLs :frowning: