Custom variables populate in URL, but not in reporting

I have the following setup, and it populates in the address bar properly, resolving (for example) SFLFN to ‘Smith’ and SFUFN to ‘John’

// you can set up to 5 custom variables for each visitor
_paq.push([“setCustomVariable”, 1, “Last Name”, “SFLFN”, “visit”]);
_paq.push([“setCustomVariable”, 2, “First Name”, “SFUFN”, “visit”]);
_paq.push([“setCustomVariable”, 3, “Sales Office”, “report_district_id”, “visit”]);
_paq.push([“setCustomVariable”, 4, “Sales District”, “report_region_id”, “visit”]);

However in reporting the FIELD NAME is (e.g.)SFLFN … and the FIELD VALUE is [also] SFLFN!

In the .csv export, in the URL these fields are resolved and placed in the URL string.

But the field cells in the export have ‘SFLFN’ for field name and ‘SFLFN’ for field value.

What am I missing?

Hi there,

please post some screenshot, it’s difficult to understand the issue :slight_smile: