Custom Variables in Events

I have set a couple custom variables, and I assumed they will be present on each action that happens with Piwik. I need to see these custom variables on my “trackEvent” calls, but I don’t see them in the Event widget. Am I thinking about custom variables incorrectly?

To see custom variables, look at the Visitors > Custom variables report, rather than Events report. event report is for: Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Is it possible to see Custom Variables and Events in the same report?

For example, I have a “Username” custom variable, and a “PDF Download” event. I need to be able to see which users download which PDFs. I would rather not have to pass the username into my trackEvent call, since I’ve defined it as a Custom Variable, but maybe that’s what I have to do.

I’m interested in exactly the same thing. Can we somehow report for certain custom events for visitors with certain custom variable set?

We would love that you would be able to do this with Piwik, and it will be possible in the future, but unfortunately we haven’t yet implemented this powerful feature called Custom Reports: Custom Reports / Pivot table with selectable dimension · Issue #4776 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub