Custom Variables can't view detail


I’m using Piwik 2.1.0. and I have 3 Custom Variables. One of Variable is userId, my site has about 15000 users. Every day, the site be visited 3000 users.

I set a config/config.ini.php
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers = 5000

I got the export file to XML from Custom Variables, but the data was 1000 rows + “Others”. I want to get all detail data from Custom Variables.

How can I get the detail data?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Thanks for asking. It made me realise the FAQ was out of date: After the top 500 or top 1000 rows, Piwik automatically groups pages, keywords, websites, etc. under the label "Others"; How do I force Piwik to not limit the data? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have updated it and added the two settings needed to be set for the number of rows in the custom variables report. This should make it work for you after you add these two settings!


It’s great, I’ll set additional config by following.

; maximum number of rows for the Custom Variables names report
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_custom_variables = 5000
; maximum number of rows for the Custom Variables values reports
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_custom_variables = 5000