Custom variables - all pages go to one visitor, and seems to log only one visitor at a time


I set up custom variables for the visit and for the page. I pull the LoginID to Piwik, and that is working. However, there are two issues that I am unable to resolve, and can find no answers in all of the searches I have done here for the past week.
Issue 1: If I am logged in, Piwik sees me and logs my page visits, but if someone else logs in while I am logged in, Piwik does not see that person.
Issue 2: Piwik does not see anyone outside of my organization. When a friend logged in from his home, using my login credentials on his pc, Piwik did not see him. When a coworker logged in from his home, using his login credentials, Piwik saw him.
I have spent this week trying to make sense of this, and searching for others who might have this same issue, but without success. Here is my code: I would very much appreciate any suggestions or guidance. Many thanks!

(Peterbo) #2

Is your system and the piwik.php even accessible from the outside of your company / intranet /etc.? Is there some caching of the templates, which prevents the others from loading the piwik javascript (because they load an older version of the templates)?


Hi Peter. The site is being used for DEV as we get Piwik up and running, and is available only through one port outside of the firewall : When friends use this to get to the site, Piwik does not see them.

It’s a good question about caching of the templates, but I don’t think that is happening. Thank you for your suggestion, and I welcome any additional ideas.

(Peterbo) #4

Does the piwik tracking domain have a valid SSL-Cert? If the Host site is called via https, Piwik will also call the tracker via https. If there is no valid cert, the request will be aborted.

Have a look at the tracking request via Firebug from a User which is not being counted.


Yes, we do have a valid SSL-Cert for this domain. What do you mean by "Have a look at the tracking request via Firebug from a User which is not being counted. " please?