Custom variable where is the "standard" code

Hi There,

I’m a Piwik noob and woul like to track the number of logged versus unlogged users.
I think I can do this via a CustomVariable
I found this info on your blog

However I have no clue as what is “standard piwik code”?
Is this the same as Javascript Tracking Tag?

I added the code beneat to my site and I get some values in my Piwik Dashboard but of course I would like to see the difference between members and non memmbers.

When I comment the first line and uncomment the second line I get a error message in the console view of Chrome

// _paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’,‘1’,‘VisitorType’,’<?php if ( IsloggedIn() ) {echo 'Member';} else {echo 'Not Member';} ?>’, ‘visit’]);

Thanks in advance
Guy Forssman