Custom variable in

One of the columns of the website logs I’m importing contains a process id/session id in between the user agent and the session time.
I’m skipping it because I didn’t see a place to store it; is there a way to put this data into a custom variable?

Not possible yet. We could extend the script to allow to define “custom log file fields” that we would store as custom variables. nice idea, not implemented yet

Any chance there has been a change to this? Or an alternative at least? I have a customer who loves your product, but because of the nature of a site we are developing we have decided to use log analysis. Not sure exactly what the rationale is, but they want to see the amount of bytes each request makes from Piwik. As Piwik doesn’t support that using I was hoping to extract that data using a custom variable.

everything is possible… and yes it could change

Let me specify.

I am trying to get a column out of the log using regex and use that as a custom variable within piwik. Has this been made available without altering the python code?