Custom Variable Graphs


I was wondering: Wouldn’t it be more significant to show the custom variable values rather than the names of the variable in the diagrams?

For example in your demo installation you track the variable “forum status”, which has the values either “LoggedIn user” or “Anonymous”.

At the moment the graph shows: 100% forum status, which is not very meaningful.

What I would like to see there is: 70% Anonymous, 30% LoggedIn user, which is the information you collected and you want to visualize.

Do I have a point here?


Yes we thought the same thing.
in the next release you can use the “Cog” icon, click “Make it flat”, then click on the graph icon.
Then it will display “name - value”

check it on Matomo Forums - Saturday, January 13, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

you can download latest RC from Index of /