Custom Variable Drill Down Data not Showing

I can pull up the Custom Variable Reports and get the numbers for the Custom Variable Name, but when I try to drill down to get a break down for the Custom Variable Values, it just says Loading and never loads. When I try and export the data to excel or text all it saves is the data for the Custom Variable Name as well, nothing for the Values. Any suggestions? Running version 1.9.2

Can you increase the timeout in Settings > General Settings > to 1800s or so.

Then does it work better? if nt do you see any error in your server error log file?

If the timeout you are referring to is the “Reports for today (or any other Date Range including today) will be processed at most every”

then it is already set to 1800. There also wasn’t anything in the apache error log. But this shouldn’t be a timeout issue because it normally has come up quickly in past versions of piwik, especially when I was only looking at a days worth of data.

When I auto updated to 1.9.2 I did recieve an install error asking me to chmod on a file. I forget which file it complained about, I believe it was something in a templates directory. But after doing the chmod and hitting refresh on the error page, it brought up the dashboard saying 1.9.2 was the installed version and didn’t try to finish the installation. Should I manually reinstall piwik? BTW, a 1 click reinstall/repair and even a rollback would be a nice feature to add.

Do you see any error in the server error logs ?

No. The only errors I see in the apache error logs tied to my IP address are file missing errors for favicon.ico The only other things in the error logs are file missing errors from other ip address trying to hit the usual hack pages like phpadmin. I’m not actually getting an error returned on the page either, it just says “Loading” with the progress animation and never gets past that. I know sometimes when it has problem retrieving data it will give an error, but this just says Loading even after 5+ minutes. Also, after getting some feedback from other users, it appears that the drill downs in general are broken. For example if I try to drill down on a Referrer Website, rather than listing specific URLs for a domain like it used to, it gets stuck on Loading.

Update to 1.9.2 where thsi bug is fixed. Then delete all files in tmp/assets/*

Doing a manual reinstall of 1.9.2 and deleting tmp/assets seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!