Custom reports metrics

Hey guys
I have a question for the Custom reports feature.
We have created 5 reports where we would like to see the same data type as we can see under “Behaviors, pages”

Here, the following information is available on the pages measured:

But when I want to create my Custom reports, I can’t assign "UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS, AVG. Time ON page, EXIT RATE.

Is this not possible to do in Custom reports or is it not me to find the right metric?

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Morten Bjerregaard

Currently Unique pageviews, Avg. Time on page, Exit rate metrics are not available in Custom Report. However we have added it to the backlog, but it hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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Do you have any news when the metric unique pageview will be added to the customReport plugin?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:


Hi @liip-analytics ,

We do not have any plan to add it currently, will update if the change is made.

Thank you for your reply.

Is there any product roadmap publicly available regarding the paid plugins made by InnoCraft?
Is there a way to “vote” for a feature?


You can sponsor the development of a feature, this is the best way to place a feature at the top of the list :wink:
Maybe you can also ask other users in the community if they can contribute with you to sponsor your missing feature…
Also you can send an email to the support dedicated to premium features (but no spam please), the more they get mails for a feature, the more it will be placed in the highest priorities…

Currently, we do not have a roadmap for the plugins for public, however when you request for some feature or would like to make any modifications, we add it to our backlog.

Thank you for your answer @heurteph-ei , @karthik :slight_smile:

Good morning. We are also interested, Custom reports are very handy and it would be nice to have the same information as on the “Visits overview”
How can we make the priority increase?

Hi @Kathleen_McCallum ,

Please create a feature request in Github and more traction it gets, it will definitely be noticed. Please also keep that in mind, as Matomo is an open-source product it depends on the resources as well.