[custom reports] Data remain the same whatever the periods are


(I hope my english will be clear for everyone :slight_smile:)
I recently downloaded the plug-in “custom reports” which is really helpful !
However I have some small problems with it. I had to use " Invalidate historical reports" several time to get my historical data integrated in my custom reports.

The problem is that for some reports, data remain the same whatever the periods are.

As shown on the pictures

Data for 3 days :

Data for January :

URLs are the same on both pictures ( sorry that I have to hide them ) and data remain almost the same.

Do you know what how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance


when you select other individual dates for example before 15 Jan 2018 does it show data there? It seems like it shows a few more visitors for the first row in January. So the logic itself might work but there might be no data for the dates before Jan 15th?

btw: we are planning to improve the archiving directly in Piwik/Matomo so “invalidate historical reports” will be no longer needed.

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Thank you for your answer Thomas,
Yesterday before leaving the office I did “invalidate historical reports” and today it seems to be fine I tried with different period and results are better.
I created a new report today and I had the same issue. But after using “invalidate historical reports” several times data became available.
So apparently If I “force” a bit the process it works :slight_smile: