Custom reports - "Column other"

I have a problem when I extract a Custom Report in Excel, I always have the column “other”.

Do you know how to parameter it please ?


I did it but in Matomo, it is not limited

In my Excel it is.

Then use the filter_limit property:

That seems to be off topic. From what I understand:

  • This is to make exports by directly requesting the APIs provided by Matomo and not by going through the GUI.
  • I feel like this is about line limitation. We are in the case of an export of a rotated table, so it is the columns that interest us.
    I still tried to add «filter_limit = -1» in the config.ini.php configuration file (in case, if the parameter you are looking for has the same name as the API parameter), but no change.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s really configurable on the HMI.

As this concerns Premium feature, maybe @innocraft could help you?

Hi @Biranavi are you able to share with us your custom report configuration? And if possible a screenshot of how the exported excel report is reflecting?