Custom report with subtables

I’m creating a report similar to the “all referrers” report but the rows are grouped by a custom dimension that I have made. I want it to show subtables just like the “all referrers” report, but right now it’s currently showing the entire report as a subtable of any row that is supposed to have a subtable. Also, it’s showing “keyword not defined” in the base level of the report, when I expect it to be shown under “Organic Search”.

I’ve pretty much copied the code for the “all referrers” report in the “referrers” plugin, but changed all references to the “referer_type” column to the column for my new dimension. Has anyone seen this sort of thing before, or have any ideas on what I should look at? I think the problem may be with how it’s archived.

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Good news: we have now released the Custom Reports feature for Piwik!

Custom reports lets you choose which dimensions and metrics you want to see. You can combine multiple dimensions (up to 3) and as many metrics as you need.
The custom reports can be emailed to your partners or customers, and have their own menu entry in the Piwik report list. You can even setup advanced filters to further customise the reports.

Learn more about the power of Custom Reports in the user guide: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik
or FAQ: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik

This premium plugin can be purchased here:

and have a wonderful end of year!