Custom Report - Scheduling

I have the following need:
Creation of a report on a monthly basis with daily data of certain metrics (for example pages and number of visits)
the purpose is to export data for a historicization

How can I create and then schedule the sending or downloading of such a report?

day 1 - - 30 visits
day 1 - - 20 visits
day 2 - - 35 visits
day 2 - - 10 visits

day 31 - - 3 visits
day 31 - - 2 visits…

Hi Sorry for the delay.

You could create a report with Server day of visit as a dimension and then pageviews as a metic. Using the segmentation in the report you could then define the url. Once this is created, you would create an email report based on the custom report you just created. Setting the frequency to monthly, this would send the report at the beginning of each month.