Custom report generation in piwik


I added few tables to piwik db and now i want to display some custom reports generated from the data stored in those tables.
I was successful in creating and inserting data into those tables, but i am stuck on creation of custom reports, i surfed net, read api documentation of piwik but still not able to get the clear idea on how to create a custom report in piwik.
It would be a great help if anyone can guide me through this process or share some tutorials or useful links for creating custom reports.

Thank you in advance!

Good news: we have now released the Custom Reports feature for Piwik!

Custom reports lets you choose which dimensions and metrics you want to see. You can combine multiple dimensions (up to 3) and as many metrics as you need.
The custom reports can be emailed to your partners or customers, and have their own menu entry in the Piwik report list. You can even setup advanced filters to further customise the reports.

Learn more about the power of Custom Reports in the user guide: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik
or FAQ: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik

This premium plugin can be purchased here:

and have a wonderful end of year!