Custom OptOut without backend (piwik_ignore cookie)

Dear users,

I would like to create a simple html page with some JavaScript functionality to let my users optout. I don’t want to use the standard OptOut feature because it needs the PHP backend.

I do know that the cookie “piwik_ignore” is responsible for the OptOut functionality. But it seems that Piwik needs some values like


Otherwise it’s not working. Is this value static or do I need to write some dynamic functionality?



This value is static, for your Piwik server. It will be different for another Piwik server though.

Thank you matthieu. To give you some context: I’m using Log Analytics to post process/import the logs. How can I take opt out users into consideration?

Thank you.

Good question. I think it’s not supported yet, but not 100% sure. please create a feature request at: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub