Custom Dimensions plugin that works with Matomo/Piwik 3.14.0?

I have an on-premise version of Matomo installed on my server (3.14.0). Site is working without issue. I’m wanting to add another website. My dev said it requires a Custom Dimensions plugin. I found the custom dimensions plugin zip…put it on my server, downloaded per matomo forums, and went to Plugins configuration page from Settings and it says I can’t activate the plugin because "Custom Dimensions Plugin requires Piwik < (less than) version 3.0.0-b1. Therefore, it won’t activate the plugin. I downloaded the most recent version of 3.14.0 when I setup my server and that’s what I want to stay on instead of back-reving vesions. So, question is, does Matomo have a version of the Custom DImensions plugin that will work on version 3.14.0?


The easiest way is to simply open the Marketplace on your Matomo instance and install the custom dimensions plugin there with one click.

Or you download the plugin from here:

Got it. Worked perfectly…Thanks.

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